Pibexa Review - Is Pibexa.com a Legit Trading Website?


Pibexa Review 

The trading of digital assets has become more prevalent in recent years, owing to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. 

The need to have a trading platform that will provide a secure and reliable environment for trading can never be understated, hence the emergence of several digital trading channels, including Pibexa.

However, traders and investors must make the right decision when choosing an exchange platform for digital assets. There are scam trading platforms that may not be trusted.

Some legit trading software may also not be up to the standard of an ideal digital exchange platform. There i a necessity for us to review the Pibexa to enable traders to know if the platform can be trusted as well as the features it has.

For the scope of this review, we shall give insights into what Pibexa is. We shall also take a look at several forex products that can be traded via this platform. Pibexa has different types of accounts that can fit the trading activities of various categories of traders.

We shall also give a comprehensive explanation of the different features that come with this trading platform. Is Pibexa safe? This and many more shall be revealed in the cause of this review.

What is Pibexa 

Pibexa is a digital trading platform that enables digital asset traders and investors to carry out trading activities in a reliable and secure trading environment. With a dependable trading platform, it may be possible to make money via this means than with your everyday job.

Whether you are trading on digital assets to make side gains or you are a full-time digital trader, having a platform like Pibexa may be just what you need to stay relevant in the digital trading business.

Pibexa has also been known for offering transparency, reliability, security, ease of use, different account types, traceability, and excellent customer support for users.

The trading exchange company based in London has claimed to work according to the regulations and rules of the appropriate regulatory body.

Regulatory bodies have to be involved in their operation as an exchange platform so that users would know that they are in safe hands. It would also help to reassure them that their funds are secure.

Pibexa is a brainchild of the Tarvida industries. The company is focused on offering improved services for traders and investors in the financial market—the company boast of staff who are highly professional in exercising their duties.

Pibexa has shown strict adherence to regulations and standards. The company has a physical address which is situated at St. Andrews Scotland.

What type of CFD products are traded on the Pibexa platform? 

If you log into the Pibexa trading platform, you will be able to find several digital currency pairs, Forex, as well as other highly rated digital assets displayed on the platform.

It provides an extensive list of different range of products to choose from. Investors can choose their desired currency pair to invest their funds. 

Pibexa is a renowned platform in the digital trading market.

They offer multiple features that are incorporated into the site to make it more user friendly and highly productive. The exchange platform may be classified as one of the most efficient when it comes to Forex trading.

Is Pibexa legit? 

It is not uncommon to hear digital asset traders ask about the legitimacy of a trading platform. Many have fallen victim to scammers causing them to lose their investments.

Traders' wallet has also been targeted, thereby making traders are investors treading with caution before trading on a particular platform. 

In that vein, Pibexa a legit trading platform for clients to carry out trading activities? From the information gathered about the platform, it may be safe to say that Pibexa may be trusted.

The company has a physical presence in St Andrews, London, and many users have given satisfactory remarks after using the platform. We shall also be analyzing the several features of the platform to further give credence to the authenticity of the Pibexa trading platform.

Types of account

The Pibexa digital trading platform offers about four types of trading account that traders can open depending on their investment capital or level of expertise. For investors who are willing to invest a large amount of money into the system, they may be required to open a premium account.

A new trader who is just starting in digital asset trading may need to open a basic account with less deposit capital. The type of accounts available on this platform include:

Silver Account 

A silver Pibexa account is the least account available on the platform. It is offering referred to as the primary account. It is suitable for new entrants, especially for those who have limited investment capital.

The minimum deposit for this type of account is $250. You may be able to deposit far more than this amount as you have a maximum deposit of about $999.

Traders running this type of account have access to the Pibexa Ebook, which guides how they can carry out trading activities on the platform. Traders also have unrestricted access to other academic materials, which is referred to as educational access.

Gold Account 

Gold account is another type of account that traders or investors on the Pibexa platform can open. The deposit on this account type is higher than the basic or silver account type.

You may place as much as $4,999 and as little as $1000. For traders who would love to have a much higher stake, then this investment platform may be a viable choice.

Pibexa provides traders holding this account type the leverage to have account managers who are always available to give you expert advice on the most profitable approach to take when carrying out tracing activities.

Platinum Account 

For those operating a platinum account on the Pibexa platform, they are provided with several additional unique features to make trading even more accessible and profitable.

The platinum account is suitable for those set of traders that have expert knowledge of the digital trading industry. It is also ideal for those who are heavy risk-takers, as traders are required to have a minimum deposit of $5000. The maximum deposit amount is pegged at $34,999.

Traders operating this type of account have premium.access to outstanding and exceptional features that are befitting of their investment. Some of these unique features include trading signals, Ebooks, senior account manager, expert analyst, academic access, zero withdrawal fee, 100% bonus equivalent to the amount deposited.

Diamond account 

If you think that the premium Pibexa account has the most outstanding feature, then you have to think again. The diamond account is the highest type of account that any trader can open on this digital asset trading platform.

The Diamond account is for top tech traders who are well vast in the digital market. Diamond account holders may also be regarded as super-premium account.

The Diamond account has all the different features that come with the premium account and more. Other additional features include compatibility with MasterCard for easy withdrawal, premium contract, access to more resource materials, etc.

The least funds that can be added to this account is $35,000. However, there is no limit to the highest amount of money that can be deposited while operating a diamond account.

How to begin trading with Pibexa? 

Your digital asset trading journey begins the very moment you visit the site. It is like having to play a game that requires just four steps.

By following these steps to completion, you may be able to make money while trading on Forex.

Provide your personal information 

Providing your personal information is a prerequisite for using the platform. You will be required to complete some compulsory fields, stating your details such as email, full name, phone and residential address, and other necessary information to meet KYC requirements.

Account selection 

After completing the first step by providing your personal information, the next thing to do is to select the account type you want to open. You will be prompted to choose an investment plan based on the amount of money you are willing to deposit.

Make your deposit 

The account type selected will determine the amount of money that you will use in funding your account. Pibexa offers investors with multiple options for payment.

Select an option that is suitable and convenient for you. The least fund you can deposit on the platform is $250, that is if you are operating a silver account. 

Start your trading process

Trading is the last phase that comes after you must have provided your personal information, selected your preferred account type, and funded your account. You can then officially begin your forex trading career.

You may want to consider taking financial advice from your account managers and brokers when faced with any challenge or a grey area. You may also do well to contact the customer care for technical assistance, query, or complaints.

Features of Pibexa trading platform 

As earlier stated, Pibexa has several unique features that make it stand out among other trading platforms. Some of Pibexa's outstanding features include:

A highly competitive structure 

Trading fees and other commissions on trading activities are highly competitive in comparison to other trading platforms. You are not charged any additional cost for making use of the services on the platform.

No deduction is made from your account for utilizing resources and educational materials given to you. You are also not charged for depositing to your account or wallet.

One of the critical attributes of Pibexa is transparency, and this they have shown in terms of deductions and charges made on any account. The transparent trading environment encourages traders to carry out trading with a feeling of service satisfaction.

Traders have the option of choosing from a broad category of Forex products to trade on.

Easy to use interface 

The entire process right from the start of registration down to the commencement of trading is secure and transparent. Filling the personal information form is carried out with utmost ease without any type of complexity.

All information displayed on the platform is written in a clear, concise, and understandable language without any kind of ambiguity. New users may find little or no stress getting started on their own.

The site design and interface are attractive and creatively built to offer traders a seamless trading process at all times. The ease at which the platform can be navigated is one that has left many digital asset traders with no choice than to commend the creators of this platform, as claimed by Pibexa.

Its simplicity does not make it look less attractive for experts and more advanced traders because its features are tailored to suit strata of traders with very high flexibility.

The company has also provided a mobile application to accommodate smartphone users who will also love to feel the uniqueness of the platform while monetizing their use of the trading channel.

For other mobile users whose phones may be incompatible with the application, they can simply make use of the mobile website version. As long as a user has an uninterrupted connection to the internet, carrying out trading activities would be easy.

Presence of high-end trading tools 

high-end trading tools have been incorporated into the system to make the trading process a seamless one. There are hundreds of tools that are used in carrying out technical analysis in ensuring that the right trade strategy is employed for maximum profit generation.

The efficiency of the entire trading process is enhanced by providing a list of top indicators to enable traders to make informed trading decisions.

A team of highly trained professionals 

Pibexa is a top trading company that allows traders from different parts of the world to carry out trading effectively. The company is reported to have brought together a team of highly trained professionals to provide traders with the best service possible.

These professionals are said to be experts in the financial market and are accustomed to forex trading activities. 

Pibexa also claims to have a remarkable staff strength comprising of individuals with advanced knowledge of the latest technology used in carrying out trading activities.

They help provide support to traders in providing educational and resource materials. The company has also hired account managers to provide expert financial advice to traders so they can make the right trading decisions.

They are also on the ground to help new traders understand the rudiments of forex trading by providing them with relevant educational materials and personal interaction.

A responsive customer support 

Most traders are discouraged from using several trading platforms, especially when they have no support from the platform to help them deal with technical issues. Such drawbacks have left many traders searching for a platform that is responsive and ready to listen to customers when they pose a query to them.

One key aspect that makes a trading platform to stand out from others is its ability to provide support for traders. Pibexa is reported to have an excellent customer support system.

Traders can have a responsive platform that may be able to listen to their complaints while helping them profer solutions. We have looked at the reviews of customers about the services they have received from the customer care agents at Pibexa, and quite a number of them have been satisfactory, which is commendable.


No trader or investor will be willing to commit funds to a platform that is not secured. It is also discouraging for traders to provide personal information, including payment details, when they are not guaranteed security.

There has been a rise in cyber breaches in most online trading platforms in recent years. People want a platform that is not vulnerable to hackers or cyber thieves. They want a platform they can trust with their investments at all times.

The security of a trading platform is one that should not be treated with levity, hence the need to carefully access if Pibexa has lived up to expectations in the area of data security.

Pibexa may have incorporated an advanced encryption tool that utilizes modern technology in protecting against hacking and other forms of a cyber attack.

The privacy of an individual's data is a top priority for Pibexa, and thus the platform uses an encrypted SSL tool to prevent unauthorized access to user information. 

You may want to trust this platform in terms of security, as many users have expressed satisfaction about the safety of their funds and personal data.

The site has also incorporated policies set to mitigate against money laundering. A multiple step verification is carried out to ascertain the authenticity of the information provided by traders.

The company has also implemented the KYC policy to enable them to know more about their customers and how best they can be served.


Pibexa is a digital asset trading platform that may be trusted by traders and investors to carry out trading activities. There are four types of accounts open to traders to choose from.

Each account type has a minimum deposit that can be placed on it. We advise new traders to trade wisely and make a minimum deposit, especially at a beginner level.