Trading With BrightFinance - Is it a Good Idea?

If you have recently decided to become a trader and are now looking for an online brokerage to get started, you will come across the name of BrightFinance. This is because this online broker was introduced in 2009 and has rapidly made a name for itself in the market. While some have been very impressed with its, others are equally suspicious because of it. This is because we have all heard of the platforms that have scammed people out of money or used their identity for similar criminal activities. Thus, it is a given that traders will be wary as they don’t want to lose everything. 

BrightFinance Trading Broker Review

If you do some research into BrightFinance, you will discover why it has become the leading online broker in such a short time. It is owned by Kin Ltd and was established with the sole purpose of providing every trader, regardless of their skill or background, a platform to participate in the trading world. After all, this market gives them the opportunity of earning huge sums of money, even with a small investment. This is just one reason why BrightFinance has gained acceptance all over the world. One important thing to note about this broker is that it doesn’t just specialize in one asset.

It is aware how difficult it can be for traders to deal with various brokers when they decide to trade in multiple assets. As a result, BrightFinance ensures that people get a chance to trade in several markets via its platform. Hence, you can sign up on BrightFinance when you wish to trade in the forex market, stock market, commodities or indices and even cryptocurrencies. The sign up process is also unique because here you are required to choose between five account types instead of the two or three seen on other platforms.

You can start with the basic account if you are new trader as it has a minimum deposit of EUR 500 and has the simple features like 10% leverage, customer support and basic charts and signals needed at an early stage. If you have made some trades and wish to take it up a notch, the Silver account may work because it needs EUR 2,500 to get started and also provides higher leverage of 20% and access to trading sessions. Gold account is a good option if you want access to sophisticated tools because you have had some experience.

It starts with a deposit of EUR 10,000 and gives access to signals, sessions, customer support, increased leverage and also the education center. Expert traders would prefer the Platinum Account, which has the tools and software that can make trading highly competitive and rewarding. The last option is the Diamond account, which offers pretty much everything that BrightFinance has to offer. No matter what account you select, you have to provide the same details such as your name, email address and password. Some documents are also needed for your verification, especially when you want to make a withdrawal. 

After you have made an account, you just need to fund it in order to get started. Here again, BrightFinance has made things easy for traders because it enables them to use old methods such as bank wire transfers if they want or can also use their debit or credit cards for this purpose. A number of cards including Visa and MasterCard are accepted at BrightFinance. Online payment methods can also be used for funding such as Neteller, Skrill and more. The fastest way is through cards as the other methods may take a few days for completing the transaction. 

Just like deposits, withdrawals can also be made through these methods and the best part is that one withdrawal per month is free of charge. This feature has increased BrightFinance’s popularity, especially among traders who are interested in reducing their trading costs. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 euros or pounds, depending on the currency you prefer to use for trading. Additional withdrawals in a month also incur charges. As BrightFinance is based on MT4 software, it ensures that all transactions are smoothly conducted and there are no lags that may slow down the process.

Moving on, the education center offered on BrightFinance is also a major advantage that’s enough to convince a large number of traders to opt for this broker. They have a variety of thorough and in-depth courses about numerous markets and can teach you the basics. In addition, they can also provide insight into trading strategies that can be immensely useful when you are conducting trades in the market. As a matter of fact, they can enable traders to boost their profits considerably, which makes it a huge perk for them. Apart from courses, webinars are also available by experts in their respective fields and these can also be quite valuable. 

Security is another element that BrightFinance has paid plenty of attention to. They have used 256-bit SSL encryption, the most powerful option available, to keep the communications as well as data on BrightFinance safe from unauthorized people. They do not share information with advertisers and outsiders and use a firewall for controlling the website’s system for this very purpose. Likewise, segregated accounts are used for keeping client and company funds to prevent any mix ups and they are kept under maximum security to assure traders of their investment. 

There is also a referral program on BrightFinance that can be a bonus for traders because it allows them to earn hundreds of dollars without doing anything more than inviting people to the brokerage. When those you invite make a deposit in their accounts, you get a 10% commission from it and that’s not all. When they invite others, you also get a 3% commission from their deposit and this adds to your income. With Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy in place, BrightFinance becomes a great choice when you want a trustworthy and reliable online broker and there are a world of benefits you can enjoy when you select it.