Spread Betting Explained – Maintenance Margin

Maintenance Margin in Spread Betting

Now this is where most novice in online financial spread betting get very confused and make the classic mistake that they believe that having placed the trade then the initial margin is sufficient to cover the position – I’m afraid this is not the case. 

Magnus Capital Center: Expert Cryptocurrency Trading Products?

What Is Magnus Capital Center?

Magnus Capital Center is an online trading platform that seeks to create the next generation of traders and revolutionize the trading market by giving individuals the opportunity to automatically generate monthly gains in the trading market by utilizing the skills and knowledge acquired by the Magnus team.

Is Novel Algotech an Honest Trading System or Scam?

Novel Algotech Review

Novel Algotech Review

Following a large number of emails and comments regarding the Novel Algotech system, we’ve decided to write a more comprehensive review about their signals and auto trading service. We wanted to see for ourselves if the reports of profits are true and can be seen in our account as well. 

Karvy Online - Investing and Trading Strategies for Stock Market Success

Karvy Online

Karvy Online

Thinking about finances, there are many ways to walk through the correct and more appropriated path. If we see the technology of today compared with the one some years ago, we would immediately notice the difference. There are now many ways to protect our savings and our business, at the same time receive some profits and of course keep the money we have worked for in positive balance under our own wishes and needs.