Magnus Capital Center: Expert Cryptocurrency Trading Products?

What Is Magnus Capital Center?

Magnus Capital Center is an online trading platform that seeks to create the next generation of traders and revolutionize the trading market by giving individuals the opportunity to automatically generate monthly gains in the trading market by utilizing the skills and knowledge acquired by the Magnus team.

Magnus will have multiple income sources for its users such as financial trading, where it will, on behalf of the user, buy and sell underlying amounts in the financial market and earn a speculative profit or through broker commissions.

How Magnus Capital Center Works

Magnus has an Expert Advisor software (EAs) based on Artificial Intelligence. The EAs implements complex algorithms that currently have one of the most advanced capabilities in the market. For instance, the software can analyze market trends in real time and on behalf of the trader choose the best and most profitable market opportunities as well as identify the best times to make purchases in order to make the most profits.

Magnus Capital Center Expert Cryptocurrency Trading Products

Magnus also offers account management services for users who purchase the full license software. After the user opens their own brokers account together with the partner broker, they will undergo the verification process and will be required to deposit a minimum of $25,000 in order to be able to copy the traders of Magnus’s master trading account.

The trading platform has an affiliate program where users could invest funds as affiliates and earn monthly ROI, depending on the amount invested plus the duration of the investment. For example, users could invest $25 or $50 and receive a 120% ROI in six months. The affiliates could also refer other users to invest in Magnus. Such referrals will earn the affiliates 10% referral commission on the funds invested by their referees.

The affiliates will also earn a pool bonus, which is a certain percentage of Magnus Capital Center’s revenue. The amount of bonus issued to the affiliate will depend on the number of users they have referred to Magnus, as each referral is equal to one share in the pool. The affiliates are also eligible to rewards from the rank achievement bonus as they climb the ranks in the platform.

Magnus Capital Center Benefits

Experienced Team

Magnus is made up of a team of experienced entrepreneurs who are skilled in financial market, trading, and innovative technologies development. Therefore, all the services offered to the users are guaranteed to top quality as well as to generate maximum profits for traders on the platform.

Frequent Payouts

Trade winnings for each week are paid out to the users each Friday while sponsorship earnings are paid out daily. The winnings can be withdrawn through Payeer, advcash, or Bitcoin. Deposits on the platform can also be made using similar methods.

Passive Income

Traders on the platform have the opportunity to make passive income from the various bonuses issued by Magnus Capital Center such as Affiliate, Team, Renewal, Residual, Career and Pool bonuses.

Higher Returns

Forex brokers can also install the software, which will make transactions every single minute, hour, and day. The effect of this will be a substantial increase the overall revenues, returns and profits for the forex brokers.