Is Novel Algotech an Honest Trading System or Scam?

Novel Algotech Review

Novel Algotech Review

Following a large number of emails and comments regarding the Novel Algotech system, we’ve decided to write a more comprehensive review about their signals and auto trading service. We wanted to see for ourselves if the reports of profits are true and can be seen in our account as well. 

As always, it is important to uncover both the scams and the rare few profitable systems, so that traders who are losing with one of those scam applications, would be aware that there are better and more profitable alternatives. 

Encouraged by the reports about Novel Algotech from profitable followers, we headed to their website and looked into the video and explanations found there. This is the video by Novel Algotech, revealing their staff and their offices – definitely an interesting watch:

The video shows Clarence Johnson, Novel Algotech’s founder, walking into their offices and presenting some of the company staff. It is evident that these are real offices rather than a fake studio, and the story of the firm presented there appears to make sense. 

But nevertheless, what really interests us is the bottom line – does Novel Algotech produce profits or not, and could we really see profits from the first day as advertised? 

To test this ourselves we registered for a brokerage account and deposited the minimal amount which is $250. Within less than an hour or so, we were ready with the software and set up. 

The Novel Algotech is a blend of automated trading system and a signal generating software. You have a choice between manually executing the trading signals that the software sends, or placing the Novel Algotech on auto pilot, hands-free operation. 

We needed this test to represent only what their software can do without any influence on our part, so we set the software on autopilot. Our first deposit was for $250, the minimal amount possible. At the conclusion of the first day we have found in our account $575. It is somewhat below what’s promised in the Novel Algotech site but nevertheless it is still excellent performance. We were encouraged to continue testing. 

Second day also turned out a sizeable $430 gain, and the next days were all profitable except one which finished at a loss of $120. We concluded the week with the impression that this software is a winner, and we'll continue to run it live. 

In conclusion, we’ve found a relatively honest and straightforward website, very enthusiastic feedback from followers who use it, and we also made good money right from the first week of testing. Therefore we can say that Novel Algotech is indeed able to generate excellent profits, and it is definitely not a scam. 

You can use Novel Algotech for free in this link: