How Important is Automation in a Brokerage?

Automation is quickly becoming a more pressing issue for Forex and Binary Options brokers. Some brokers are managing to embrace automation successfully and are making automation part of their customer acquisition and retention strategy. Because of this success more brokers are looking to become more automated. To that end we’re seeing a rise in the number of turnkey systems that can meet these automation needs.

How Important is Automation in a Brokerage?

One such platform that looked to maximise automation was the SpotOption binary options platform with Spot+ system. Spot+ have been working with brokers for around a year now and the marketing director of SpotOption Tammy Levy recently sat down with Leap Rate to talk more about automated brokers and how there is still a need for human input, as well as other topics. 

When asked to go into more detail about just what Spot+ is Tammy said that the platform has a main focus on automation, especially automating sales, marketing and retention. There are a number of features built into it with the aim to increase productivity and efficiency. Some of these features include the Q Center, a segmentation building tool that is able to automatically create and send emails to leads, customers and depositors. There is also the Communicator tool which allows people to chat with traders. Autodialer and the Mailer Database are two other key features for communication. The first allows for automated calls to be made while the second collects and keeps an email database to make emailing easier. Spot+ also has a Refer a Friend system to encourage people to sign up their friends. It’s a simple and effective marketing tool that helps with customer acquisition and retention by rewarding customers for their recruitment efforts. 

When asked why automation is so important when running a brokerage Tammy replied that, as brokerages are becoming global, you need an automated system to reach all the potential traders there now are. It also makes it much easier to manage marketing and retention. Becoming cost effective means reducing manpower and reaching the largest audience you possibly can in the time you have. Manual manpower is fine and all but it doesn’t have the same power as an automated system. 

When asked if it was really possible to remove human interaction from the acquiring and retaining process Tammy replied that it wasn’t. She believes that machines are just machines and that humans need humans. An automated system just gives the humans the tools they need to reach the largest audience possible efficiently and effectively. 

When asked how Spot+ has helped to increase the downloads of SpotOption’s mobile apps Tammy said that operators have been given a real push to promote the app as it is focused mostly on mobile marketing. Operators are able to set up SMS notifications and create mobile campaigns more effectively and efficiently than ever before. After an operator realises all these benefits they are in a better position to get traders to download the app. The SpotOption app has now been downloaded over 5 million times and the two main reasons for this are the word of mouth promotion the trading experience has been given and operator promotions.