Hirose Financial UK Releases new LION Binary Pro Platform

Hirose Financial UK Ltd has released their latest binary options platform. They call it LION Binary Pro and the release is in response to feedback from their clients. It also seems to be a sound strategic move as binary options made up 58% of Hirose UK’s turnover in the 2015 fiscal year.

Hirose Financial UK Releases new LION Binary Pro Platform

There are several key features to the new platform including:

· Three Kinds of Charts

LION Binary Pro comes with three different chart types; “Candle”, “Line” and “Helkin”. These charts will help traders analyse market trends and create the best trading strategies. The “Helkin” chart is a unique chart that was developed in Japan and quickly became one of the most popular technical analysis charts that gives traders a great view of current market trends. 

· Six Tools for Technical Analysis

On top of the three charting options Binary Pro comes with six tools for technical analysis. These are “Simple Moving Average”, “Ichimoku”, “Bollinger Bands”, “RSI”, “Stochastic Oscillator” and “MACD”. These can all be set up with Charts. You can also run several of these tools at the same time and compare and analyse the results. 

· Manual Close and Faster Execution

Before the deadline for purchasing and closing passes traders can choose to manually close operations by clicking the “CLOSE” button. After clicking this button the order to close the trade will be done instantly so that you never miss a chance for a great close. The speed of the execution is made possible thanks to the HTML development of the platform. 

· A Pop-Up Trading Panel

You can open up a pop-up trading panel by clicking either the HIGH or LOW button on the tick chart. The panel can then be shifted around the Binary Platform so it’s never in the way. You can keep the panel open on your chart and make trades quickly. 

· Improved Option Filtering

One of the main criticisms of the old option selecton panel was that it simply wasn’t user-friendly enough. They took this feedback and improved the panel to make it more user-friendly with features such as improved filtering options. Traders can now filter options by instruments and option timef or example.