The Benefits Traders Can Expect When They Sign Up With RoyalCBank


You have to be very careful with how you pick your broker. As a trader who wants to start a trading career to make money, you have to pick your options after a lot of careful consideration. Your choice of a broker is important because a bad broker can make trading difficult for you. In addition to ruining the trading experience, a broker who’s not transparent with its practices can cause you financial damage as well. is currently one of the favorite brokers for traders from around the world. It offers great trading features and is honest and open about its policies. 

However, you have to keep in mind that features are not the most important thing for you. What matters to a trader are the benefits. A trading platform can have many amazing features, but you won’t necessarily use them. You have to look at the features that you can personally use and benefit from. So, while RoyalCBank is a great broker based on its features, let’s take a look at the benefits it can offer you. 

The Benefits of Signing up with RoyalCBank

You Can Open an Account of Your Choice 

Whenever you are about to open an account with a broker, you will be faced with a few choices. You will see that most brokers design their account types for new and experienced traders. In most cases, you will see three of four different accounts. Some brokers are happy to offer just two types of accounts i.e. for beginners, and experts. However, you get to choose from six different accounts with RoyalCBank. Each account has different features to offer. Of course, they have been designed for new and experienced traders as well. 

It is just amazing that you get so many different options with this broker. The first factor that you will have to base your decision on is the minimum deposit. Other features that differ from account to account include the loyalty points, access to training, etc. That’s a huge benefit for any trader who lands on this broker’s platform. You are not being forced to pick an account that’s meant for experienced traders. You have lot of choices and a lot of time to think. Pick the account that you think will fit in your budget and will still give you all the opportunities to make a lot of money. 

You Can Trade Cryptocurrencies 

All the talk of cryptocurrencies, digital coins, ICOs, and blockchain can be enticing for anyone who wants to start a career in trading. Many traders have stayed away from the cryptocurrency market not only because it was new but because the brokers were not willing to offer these assets for trading. To this day, trading cryptocurrencies can be a challenge because their values are extremely huge. You have to spend thousands of dollars only to buy one bitcoin. However, RoyalCBank is a platform that allows you to trade CFDs. With CFDs, you can trade in the cryptocurrency market but you don’t have to own the asset at any point. 

When you are on the RoyalCBank trading platform, you can trade cryptocurrency CFDs as well. Now, if you browse a little on the internet, you will find out that some other brokers offer the same cryptocurrency CFDs. However, the list of crypto coins that you can trade on their platforms is very limited. Some brokers are limited to the biggest three i.e. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple. However, your choices are wide when you sign up with RoyalCBank as you have bitcoin cash, litecoin, and some other cryptocurrencies as well. 

You Have a Huge Asset Index 

One of the ways to identify a broker is to know how many assets is offers you for trading. The bigger the asset index the better the broker. The asset index you have with RoyalCBank is definitely huge as you have assets belong to five different classes. In addition to cryptocurrencies, you have lots of commodities that you can trade. As you go to different brokers, you will also see that some of them count metals and soft commodities in different categories. On RoyalCBank website, you have the commodities like silver, gold, platinum, sugar, cocoa, wheat, corn, etc. all in one place. 

If you put these commodities in different classes, you will have six classes to choose from. You can also access some of the best indices of the world include NASDAQ and FTSE. The list of stocks is the longest when you are on the RoyalCBank’s trading platform. You will be glad to see some of the biggest companies on this list such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc. 

You Can Take the Position You Want 

Believe it or not, there are some brokers who like to control the way you trade on their platforms. They claim to be the biggest and the best brokers, but you don’t see them doing big things. For example, there are some brokers who limit your position on certain assets. The most controversial asset is the cryptocurrencies. You will see that these brokers will let you take only one position on your trades. Some let you trade only the long position and some limit you to take only the short position depending on the condition of the market. It is clear from this action from the broker that it is more concerned about its risk than yours. 

A broker that cares about its traders will introduce policies that are beneficial to its traders. That’s where you will have to give kudos to RoyalCBank. When you are with this broker, you can trade the way you want regardless of which asset you choose. Even when you go with the cryptocurrencies, you can take long or short position without any hesitation. There is no restriction on how you trade. The broker has given you the liberty to take your trading decisions, which is how it should always be. 

You Can Feel Safe 

What good are all the features of a broker and its platform if it does not offer any safety? Safety can mean a lot of things for traders. First, you have your information that should be private to any unauthorized parties. Your personal information can be used against you in more ways than you can imagine. Hackers can steal your information and provide it on other websites at the time of signing. For example, they can use your personal information to buy illegal weapons from online websites. Not only are they safe if they get busted, it is you who will be in trouble because of your information on the website.