How to Stop Loosing Affiliate Traffic

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TechFinancials Team,
Benefit from Essential Business Insights

Get the critical information you require to maximize the profitability of your affiliation efforts.

Learn About Your Lost Leads

Business Application Monitoring (BAM) is a fully transparent, non-intrusive application which monitors the incoming traffic sent to your Affiliate API. 

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TechFinancials Team,

Discover how many leads you lose, where they go, and why. The application notifies you about unqualified leads in real time, so you can resolve issues quickly and effectively, gaining valuable insights on:

  • Registration failures due to format validation issues, for reasons such as missing an email, no phone number or an invalid country of origin.

  • Registration failures due to business validation issues, such as a replicated email or phone number.

  • The traffic rate sent by the affiliate in correlation to the actual leads created in your database, and the top error rate per affiliate.

Call your account manager today, to find out exactly how much traffic you are losing, and why these leads are being rejected, so as to boost performance and optimize your marketing efforts. 

To find out more, please contact your Account Manager directly.

A Simple, Seamless Affiliate Program Integration 

Find out how to best take advantage of TechFinancials’ Affiliate Program integration. Manage your external marketers, monitor the traffic arriving at your websites via TechFinancials Back Office, and get accurate reports with actionable data.

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TechFinancials Team,

Improve sales performance - review affiliate and campaign information from the TechFinancials Back Office, for increased campaign effectiveness. For example, your VP Marketing can utilize the data to guide the sales team to focus on a specific campaign.

Improve marketing performance - analyze and measure the ROI of your affiliation efforts at the campaign level e.g. use the Traffic Report to sort your campaigns by ROI

Reduce maintenance - eliminate the need to preconfigure all the requisite settings for the affiliates and their campaigns.

For further details, click here.

To hear more about these features and implementation for your brand, please contact your account manager today. 

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