Cryptocurrency – Cloud Token (CLD) Initial Coin Offering Cryptocurrency – Cloud Token (CLD) Initial Coin Offering
The word “Cryptocurrency” is becoming increasingly known throughout internet users especially users of cloud platforms and cloud related services. 

The most common type of cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin launched in 2009 by the individual or group known only by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. By 2015, over 14.6 million bitcoins with a total market value of $3.4 billion were in circulation. 

This is because of the digital and secured nature of the currency as it uses cryptography for security purposes making it difficult to counterfeit. Also, cryptocurrencies are generally non-susceptible to government interference or manipulation since it is not issued by any central authority. 

Just like Bitcoin, another cryptocurrency called the Token is set to be launched by an organization known as is a cloud services provider, which seeks to simplify the use of pro cloud services for every single web user regardless of financial or other backgrounds. 

The company has already created a platform that provides users with non-comparable access to the largest cloud service providers at heavily discounted prices and can be accessed and operated by even the most novice of web users thus accomplishing its first milestone. 

The next milestone is to create a globally decentralized cloud hosting grid, which will allow millions of cloud service providers who are contributing small portions of their computer resources to create the Crowd Cloud by becoming part of the Ethereum block chain grid to automatically access cloud-based applications and services while benefiting also from a continuous source of income. Thus, the creation of the Cloud Token. 

The Cryptocurrency Cloud Token ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has issued 60,000,000 tokens at a price of USD 10 per cloud with a majority (50%) of the tokens available to the public while 46% goes to the company reserve. 

The funds generated from the sale of these tokens will be used to deploy GridNotes infrastructure to migrate the web into a decentralized cloud. Upon confirmation of purchase, tokens will be transferred to buyers but sale or transfer of these tokens will be impossible until the ICO closing date. 

After this date, tokens will automatically be activated and transference and/or exchange can be freely done. The ICO pre-order date spans from July 25th till August 9th and the closing date has been slated for August 10th 2017.

The Cloud token uses the Ethereum cryptocurrency which is the most notable cryptocurrency created after the Bitcoin. The Ethereum is flexible enough that developers can add any range of conditions and functions which are contingent on the conditions met in deployment. 

However, in deployment, the Ethereum becomes less flexible and much stricter so that terms must be met by users. The Cloud Token aims to be the sole currency for users of the new decentralized cloud services system, used for contribution based pro-rata payments, and the clearing and distribution of monetary and financial benefits to the users. 

Users who use it to purchase goods and services can get discounts on essential cloud services of up to 50% making it one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies there is from the day of purchase. Users can benefit from cutting-edge security and privacy, unlimited computing power and cloud storage and provides a source of continuous income for contributors.

The funds generated from the ICO will then be used to develop and deploy the Decentralized Application Protocol (DAPPS). This will enable easy designing and launching of applications such as decentralized banking and financial services, decentralized peer-to-peer cloud applications related to the media such as music and movies among others without interference or control by the government, and finance-able using a single uniform currency - the Cloud token.