Superb Binary Options Affiliate API Solution for Brokers by TechFinancials

TechFinancials, a leading binary options platform provider has recently published a new page on their website, specifying their solutions for binary options brokers and their affiliates.

TechFinancials has given binary brokers a superb platform for binary trading since 2009 and has since grown to be one of the leading online trading platform providers in this booming industry.

Why is a High Quality Affiliate API so Important?

For binary options brokers, having strong affiliate API integration is extremely important for the following reasons:
  • Driving new and fresh traffic from Affiliates
  • creating a better and longer lasting revenue stream
  • Expanding your network of Affiliates and clients
  • Getting top tier traffic with live results
  • Facilitating registering for traders through affiliate networks
  • Tracking leads and sale status
  • Monitoring billing and deposits, banking statuses
And more...

In Conclusion

Brokers using the TechFinancials platform have the technologies needed for a strong affiliate network, being able to have the best affiliate network means having the ability to beat the competition, if you are looking to start your own binary brokerage, or are an affiliate, we recommend contacting TechFinancials today!