Tradesmarter Partners up with LeadDaWay over Social Rader Auto-Trading App

Binary technology provider Tradesmarter announced recently that they would launch the auto-trading third party application Social Radar. Social Radar was made possible thanks to their partnership with LeadDaWay. It provides a unique calendar view of the most successful trades that match the trader’s profile; enabling them to find great people to follow and trade with. It also lets them stay in control of how much they spend by setting limits.

The CEO of Tradesmarter Yoni Avital said that this unique calendar view, along with the profile match algorithm, the fully transparent nature of the app, and the mobile platform capabilities go together to make this the best solution for Auto-Trading. 

Tradesmarter and LeadDaWay combined their knowledge of marketing with state of the art technology to create the app. They also made use of some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) regarding broker-trader engagement. The launch of “Social Radar” has led to a rise in the number of trades as well as improving conversion and retention while making the broker-trader relationship better overall. The cross-platform nature of Social Radar means that traders are interacting using a variety of platforms including mobile, tablets, and laptops. 

The Vice President of Marketing at LeadDaWay Ido Lavi said that Social Radar was created with the needs of traders in mind. LeadDaWay understand that traders need to be able to interact with trusted partners that they can trade with based on real results. Social Radar means that traders enjoy trading, following better traders, and sharing their success with their friends along the way. 

Tradesmarter have noted that many of their partners have requested that they add the “follow trader” functionality and that the best way for them to do this was the “Smarter API” application development scheme Tradesmarter led with LeadDaWay.